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Thomas Staneker | Board Of Directors, prpl Foundation

Thomas Staneker

Thomas Staneker is SVP at KAON Media EMEA and has a vast experience in TV and Telco.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, spanning from R&D over product management to marketing and corporate strategy. He started in 1986 in Alcatel, where he stayed until 2005, when he moved from vendor to service provider, joining Deutsche Telekom. Since late 2017, he is back at the supplier side, leading sales in DACH and parts of EMEA at Kaonmedia. Having worked and lived in 6 countries, his experience is not only related to telecommunications and media but he also fluently speaks French, Italian, English and German.


Major projects and achievements include:

–       Developing the world’s first analogue optical amplifier, allowing cable operators to transform coax networks into HFC networks

–       Development of DVB based Cable Modem and Cable Telephony (before DOCSIS)

–       Developing the world’s first 600Mbps digital SDH multiplexer for both the SONET hierarchy

–       Pioneering IPTV, starting in the late 90s, building the world’s largest footprint of IPTV deployments

–       Pioneering Internet-on-TV with the first DVB-T/IP settop box, developed for Deutsche Telekom

–       Launching the first cross-national DTH satellite service in Slovakia, aggregating content on a common technology basis with Hungary

–       Heading the first Shared Service Center for product development in Budapest, aggregating and leading a virtual team of up to 60 HW and SW engineers in 7 Eastern and Southern European countries

–       Pioneering some of the world’s leading telecom cloud projects at Deutsche Telekom, centralizing the delivery of a unique User Experience through streamed UI and Meta Data