Datacenters’ (DC) tiered infrastructure is equipped with electronic equipment intended to compute, store, and communicate information running on servers, storage and networking platforms. Datacenters continue to evolve and morph, addressing the ever-changing landscape impacting total cost of ownership (TCO), resiliency, uptime and service-level agreements (SLA) compliancy to name just a few. prpl focuses on streamlining the ecosystem addressing the requirements of next-generation datacenter IT infrastructure.

prpl is building industry mindshare to complement the datacenter ecosystem. prpl enables member companies to focus on their innovation on core strengths and products, and leave the enablement to the prpl community. prpl also allows companies to observe a holistic view of the vertical ecosystem, code once – deploy on many, and focus on writing high-quality code.

  • ep4


    Generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer

As prpl continues to grow our membership, we plan to expand to offer further support for key areas impacting next-generation datacenters.

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