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The purpose of the prplSecurity group is to enable multi-tenant, secure, software environments in datacenter, networking & storage, home, mobile and embedded. This working group provides guidance, APIs and framework for end-to-end trust.

The prplSecurity Working Group is defining an open software security framework and methodology for secured and authenticated virtualized services, creating collaboration across the industry and accelerating the security of embedded software programs across a variety of markets.

The Security Working Group brings together industry, individual consultants, and developers worldwide, with unique perspectives on the many facets of security, allowing for cross-functional collaboration. A universal standard framework for enhanced security will strengthen the security of platforms: reducing risk, accelerating business growth, and enhancing consumer value.

This group is defining a security roadmap to get from today’s software-virtualized solutions to full hardware supported virtualization, enabling multi-domain security across processors, heterogeneous SoCs and systems built on these technologies including connected devices, routers and hubs.

Working Group Charter

1. Work with service providers, subject matter experts, and other key stakeholders to identify common platform security challenges and requirements for fast-evolving embedded devices at the network edge, in gateways, and in other CPE devices placing specific emphasis of the security of the prpl ecosystem.  Publish consolidated requirements for ISP devices and update regularly.

2. Based on the identified challenges and requirements, work with industry, open-source developers, academia, and security researchers to develop a set of Guidelines, Recommendations and Best Practices for deployment of secure embedded platforms based on the prpl ecosystem.

3. Drive these Best Practices to deployment via the TSC, prpl working groups, and prpl-funded developers on all Open Source Software development projects sponsored by prpl.