prplwrt Boardfarm

prplwrt Boardfarm

prplwrt participates in the Boardfarm community. Initially created by prpl Foundation member Qualcomm-Atheros, Boardfarm is an open-source Python tool for automated testing of OpenWrt builds on actual hardware. Boardfarm can be used for regression testing of daily builds of OpenWrt as well as continuous integration. Now a community-managed project, the Boardfarm software has been enhanced to meet a broader set of use-cases. prplwrt encourages those interested in automated OpenWrt testing to participate in and use Boardfarm.

The problem

Currently, there’s no automated public testing of OpenWrt builds on real hardware. This causes a set of concerns for all members of the community. Enthusiasts may be unsure whether the latest version of OpenWrt will run properly on their hardware. Device manufacturers may be unsure whether upstream OpenWrt works on their hardware or may not have a public verification of it for customers. Developers and system integrators may be hesitant to depend on devices when its OpenWrt support is unverified. Finally, managing an automated testing lab for OpenWrt devices has not been straightforward.

To address these concerns, prplwrt runs the prpl Foundation instance of Boardfarm. prpl Foundation’s instance of Boardfarm runs daily tests of upstream OpenWrt (currently Chaos Calmer and Designated Driver) on devices. Devices may be tested by both prpl Foundation members and the broader community. Through daily automated testing, device users can have confidence that their hardware won’t be broken by changes in upstream OpenWrt.

As Boardfarm grows and matures, prplwrt will add additional features to our Boardfarm instance including:

  • Remote access to devices by trusted members of the OpenWrt community.
  • Continuous integration of pull requests to OpenWrt
  • Testing additional features of OpenWrt, including Wifi performance and Gigabit ethernet
  • Automated verification of a device’s suitability for particular use-cases, such as Internet of Things

Devices in prplwrt Boardfarm instance

prplwrt thanks all of the companies and individuals who have donated hardware to the Boardfarm. If you’d like to donate hardware, please contact Kathy Giori, prplwrt Chair, at kathy_giori at pobox dot com.

Qualcomm Atheros

Qualcomm Atheros DB120 (x2) Chaos Calmer
Designated Driver
Qualcomm Atheros AP135 (x2) Chaos Calmer
Designated Driver
Qualcomm Atheros AP143 (x2) Coming Soon