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OpenWrt Summit Wrap Up 2017


This year we were delighted to have had yet another successful OpenWrt Summit! It’s wonderful to see participation grow every year, across both community and industry. We especially thank our gracious local host, Turris Omnia. We also thank our Platinum sponsors: prpl, Inteno, Sentinel, and Intel; and Gold sponsors: CZ.NIC, Sartura, and Technicolor. Without their generous support, use of a comfortable conference center in the beautiful city of Prague would not have been possible.
This year we extended the event to two days (Oct 26-27). Our first day followed the format of previous years (about a dozen 20-minute talks) and our second day saw workshops, face to face meetings, and a room dedicated to development sprints.

Kathy Giori, Mozilla, was MC to introduce the first day of talks, which ranged from the use of OpenWrt/LEDE in industry, to supporting rural communities in India, to a panel discussion of long-standing core developers who answered questions from the audience about future plans and status of the OpenWrt/LEDE remerge. During coffee and lunch breaks, an “expo hall” was set up for sponsors to show off their products and services.

We have been delighted to see conference attendance increase from year to year. The main goal continues to provide an opportunity for community and industry members to come together, and improve the project. We were also delighted to see positive discussions continue between the OpenWrt and LEDE communities regarding the code remerge that is underway. John Crispin graciously provided an overview of what they discussed and decided on Day 2 of the summit. The information was sent to mailing lists and is copied below.

For a full list of sessions, along with corresponding slides and videos of the session, please visit Videos are available under the live stream section of the site, while slides can be found under the schedule.

If you’d like to be involved in organizing future summits, please contact Shelly Coen, chair of the OpenWrt Summit Committee at [email protected]. We are currently brainstorming our next location, whether in Europe or Asia, and we would love to get any feedback from people who are interested (especially businesses willing to be the local host!). We will be sending a survey to attendees of the summit to help us continue to improve and make 2018’s Summit even better!

From John Crispin regarding the merger:

During the openwrt-summit we held a meeting to discuss the next steps of

the remerge. We should vote on whether we want to implement the following



* Mailing-lists

  There shall be 3 lists. All other lists that existed before/after the

  reboot shall be shutdown.

  – #openwrt – all contributions, patches, ideas, …

  – #openwrt-announce – new releases, security, …

  – #openwrt-org – admin foo


  The mailing lists shall be hosted on We will contact

  David Woodhouse and ask him to help with the migration. We will send out

  automated subscriptions with a letter that we have yet to draft


* get onto the distro security ML



* git trees

  – move remaining patches from owrt tree -> lede tree

  – rebrand lede tree (patch V3 was posted, pending review)

  – backup current owrt tree

  – move openwrt.git to openwrt-legacy.git

  – move CC changes from owrt->lede branch (openwrt/source) to sync the



* github

  – consolidate github organisation members

  – start pushing tree to openwrt org

  – build a script to automagically close PRs on the lede org with a note

telling folks to use owrt instead

  – go over all PRs and close the old ones asking people to repost if





  There shall be 3 channels. All other channels that existed before/after

  the reboot shall be shutdown

  – #openwrt

  – #openwrt-devel

  – #openwrt-org

  – shutdown #openwrt-hackers


  Channel admin status shall be shared by enabling project cloaking for all voting members.


  Change topics redirecting folks to new channels, after a grace period enable forced redirect for new joins


* trac

  – edit trac header and add a link to

  – clone the whole content into static html

  – setup nginx / rewrite rules and host static content


* domains

  – add ->

  – add >

  – add ->

  – keep -> static trac

  – for old releases (no need to have old releases on

main dl server – BB and older)


* servers

  – reuse old openwrt server as download/archive and/or buildserver

  – upgrade the HP servers ram with SPI donations

  – give more people access to the HP box (imre agreed to give felix full

root on the machine)

  – integrate zoltans boxes into the setup as build slaves


* landing page

  – reuse lede-project page/wiki and add a owrt like theme

  – use same colour of and logo

  – swap welcome page and replace it with a remerge announcement

  – add a banner link for the announcement

  – after grace period of 4 weeks, remove the announcement and use welcome

page as default again

  – remove all facebook tracking



  – leave it on the hp machine for now as long as felix gets and keeps

Full root access


* more voters

  – send out an open invitation letter to try and attract new people


* flattr

  – we have around 1100 euro in the donations account, fund to be transfered to SPI


* contact email addr

  – there will be a 1->N mail forwarder for contact@ as done with LEDE

  – there will be a 1->3 mail account for security issues, the security team will then handle incoming mails



    OpenWrt and LEDE team


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