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prpl at Embedded World: Thursday

The final day of Embedded World saw prpl involved in three presentations.

First, Jack Greenbaum of Green Hills Software joined Cesare Garlati to talk about “Embedded Hypervisors: Hype or Reality?”


In the next session in the same track, Shoi Egawa from Seltech joined Cesare to speak about Benchmarking Hypervisors.


Finally, we ended our day joined by Geert-Jan Schrijen from IntrinsicID.


As well as the sessions, several of our presenters joined us for a short interview on their talk subject. Some of these interviews were recorded, and all will be shared online in the upcoming days!

We want to thank our presenters again, as well as those of you who joined us for the talks on Thursday. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there next year!

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