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prpl @ Microchip MASTERs 2016

U.S. MASTERs 2016prpl Foundation, along with our members Imagination Technologies and Seltech, were excited to participate in Microchip MASTERs conference in Phoenix last week.

MASTERs is known as the “premier technical training conference for embedded control engineers”. We were thrilled to showcase our latest developments for this group: the porting of the prplSecurity™ framework to Microchip’s PIC32MZ controllers sporting the MIPS M5150 core.

The prplSecurity™ demo shows three separate bare-metal applications, each running in its own virtual machine. The prplHypervisor™ enforces hardware-level separation of CPU and memory and secure access to I/O peripherals.

The MIPS M5150 version of the prplHypervisor™ implements MIPS VZ extensions to provide a lightweight isolation layer for Microchip Technology’s PIC32MZ microcontrollers. The prplSecureInterVM™ API provides secure communications across the three security domains. The Intrinsic-ID implementation of the prplPUF™ API authenticates incoming requests to secure Internet connections.

A virtualized implementation of Altran’s picoTCP provides a complete TCP/IP stack optimized for resource constraint IoT devices.


The demo received excellent feedback from the Microchip community. Many individuals mentioned their interest in bringing multi-domain security to the silicon level; the prospect of freedom from binary security – a.k.a. secure / non secure world – obviously resonated with the group!

We welcome Microchip interest in prpl and hope they will join the big prpl family soon: their curiosity about experimenting new technologies will make them a terific addition to our open source efforts in the IoT space.

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Cesare Garlati

Chief Security Strategist - prpl Foundation

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