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prpl @ Smart Home Summit, Palo Alto, NOV 15-16 2017

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Track 1 – Future Smart Homes 12:00 – 12:40

Panel: Security at the edge: beyond security cameras and doorbells – properly secured devices defending the home

  • Security from the inside – protected devices and gateways
  • Intangible digital security to help defend the physical home
  • Creating a ‘bot army’ to defend your home
  • anticipating an unknown, unsecure future

Track 1 – Future Smart Homes 14:20 – 14:40

Presentation: How to Secure the Smart Home from Cyber Threats

  • Recent security threats targeting smart homes and smart devices
  • Analysis of the results of prpl Foundations’ Smart Home Security Report
  • Top 10 best practice tips for securing Smart Home

The smart home is the new battlefront in the war against cyber threats. The latest disclosures from WikiLeaks have revealed that intelligence agencies has been spying on users through home gateways for over a decade. That’s not to mention the threats coming from financially motivated cybercriminals. As the Mirai incident has shown us, consumer-grade devices are woefully exposed to hackers. And consumers seem to lack the will or knowledge to fight back. Or do they? What we know about the security threats facing the smart home and consumer attitudes is largely based on anecdotal and piece meal evidence. This presentation will aim to set the records straight, analyzing the results of the first global research on Smart Home Security commissioned by prpl Foundation. We can reveal that consumers actively avoid smart products which don’t offer enough in-built security – which should be a wake-up call to manufacturers everywhere. Attendees will leave taking away a list of best practice tips to help secure their smart homes. The findings will also be food for thought for IoT industry stakeholders looking for guidance in how best to approach security in the world of embedded computing.

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Cesare Garlati

Chief Security Strategist - prpl Foundation

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