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QEMU 2.4.0 Announcement

QEMU head and 'q'From the QEMU mailing list:

On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of
the QEMU 2.4.0 release. This release contains 1900+ commits from 182

The full list of changes are available at:

Highlights include:

 * Support for group-based disk IO throttling
 * Improved support for block device mirroring, and performance
   improvements for qcow2 disk images and iSCSI emulation
 * Initial support for OASIS virtio-1 specification
 * Support for virtio-gpu (accelerated 2D only, plans for 3D via
   later via Virgil3D)
 * Support for virtio-based keyboard/mouse/tablet emulation, as well
   direct passthrough of host input devices over virtio

 * x86 support for non-globally-locked MMIO operations for ACPI PM timer,
   which can substantially improve performance for large Windows guests
 * x86 support for memory hot-unplug
 * ARM support for new "xlnx-ep108" board, and ACPI v5.1 table support
   for "virt" board
 * MIPS support for microMIPS32 R6 emulation, and eXtended and Large
   Page Addressing emulation for MIPS32 and MIPS64, respectively
 * PowerPC support for PCI hotplug with pSeries guests
 * s390 support for channel I/O when using TCG-based emulation, diag288
   watchdog devices, and vector registers, and various

 * And lots more...

Thank you to everyone involved!


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