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OpenWrt Summit Sessions

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As the chair of the OpenWrt Summit Committee, I’m excited to announce the accepted sessions for this year’s OpenWrt Summit. Like last year, we had almost too many high-quality proposals but we tried to accept as many of them as possible. While we had a high bar to meet based on our sessions last year, I think this year’s OpenWrt Summit will meet or exceed last year’s. Even though every submission was unique in its own way, this year’s sessions seemed to fit into a number of categories:

  • Industry and Community Collaboration
  • Building and Automation
  • Advancing OpenWrt/LEDE and the industry
  • Addressing hot topics in technology
  • Improving the world through OpenWrt/LEDE

Industry and Community Collaboration

Since OpenWrt Summit exists, in part, to foster industry and community collaboration in OpenWrt/LEDE communities, it only makes sense that a number of talks focus on this very topic. Kathy Giori, VP of Operations at Arduino and chair of the prplwrt PEG, will take this topic head-on with a panel titled: “Industry + Community: Are We Making Progress?” While Kathy’s session will analyze the topic of industry and community collaboration, other speakers will share their specific experiences working with OpenWrt. Davor Popovic, of OpenWrt-focused consulting firm Sartura, will share his experience from the side of a small business working with large firms. From the other side of the equation, Jos Delbar of Technicolor will share his experiences in bringing OpenWrt to market for carriers. prpl Foundation President Art Swift will highlight prpl’s efforts to fund projects in OpenWrt/LEDE which have value both to industry and community.

Building and Automation

Builds are core to the OpenWrt experience and it’s only natural that OpenWrt Summit address the topic of builds. Holger “h01ger” Levsen and Alexander “lynxis” Couzens of will highlight their work in creating reproducible builds for OpenWrt while Luka Perkov, a core OpenWrt member, discusses the past, present and future of OpenWrt build infrastructure. Automating testing as part of a build process can greatly improve the quality of an OpenWrt/LEDE build. Matt McClintock and Eric Schultz address this topic in “Testing OpenWrt and LEDE with Boardfarm” where they’ll share their experiences with Boardfarm, the automated testing framework for OpenWrt/LEDE devices, and highlight prpl’s work to improve OpenWrt/LEDE testing.

Advancing OpenWrt/LEDE and the Industry

An open platform like OpenWrt/LEDE generates innovation and a number of talks will deal with this very topic. In “Speeding up WiFi (whilst saving packets)”, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen will highlight the work of the Make Wifi Fast group to increase throughput and decrease latency on standard Wi-Fi radios. Johan Peeters will discuss the work of Technicolor in seamlessly supporting multiple WAN interfaces using multiple protocols on a single OpenWrt device in “Supporting multiple WAN interfaces in a seamless and transparent way”. Michal Vaner will share CZ.Nic’s experience with automatically updating OpenWrt routers in “Automatic updates on the Turris routers”. To improve industry support of NAND on OpenWrt devices, Daniel Golle will present “Best-practice for NAND-based firmware using UBI”.

Addressing Hot Topics in Technology

Due to its flexibility and robustness, the OpenWrt/LEDE platform is relevant to discussions around many of the hottest topics in technology, such as containerization, IoT, Wi-Fi regulation and others. Unsurprisingly, OpenWrt Summit will address many of those topics. Senthil Kumar will discuss his experiences related to OpenWrt and the Internet of Things in “OpenWrt of Things”. Wouter Cloetens and Wojtek Makowski, both of SoftAtHome, will share their experience deploying containerization on carrier routers in “Boxes in Boxes: virtualisation and containerisation in the context of embedded routers.” Michael Hohmuth, of Kernkonzept, will highlight Kernkonzept’s work on a prototype to address regulation of Wi-Fi radios in “FCC compliance with open source: Running OpenWrt in a VM on top of the L4Re microhypervisor”.

Improving the World through OpenWrt/LEDE

As one of the most popular embedded software platforms, OpenWrt/LEDE is relevant to efforts to improve the human experience through technology. OpenWrt Summit will highlight a number of these efforts. Bradley Kuhn, of the Software Freedom Conservancy, will discuss the past, present and future of the GPL and OpenWrt in “Why GPL Enforcement Is Essential to OpenWrt’s Past and Future”. Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen of the Serval Project will highlight how OpenWrt is being used to address humanitarian crises.

Lightning Talks

Following up on our successful lightning talks from last year, we’ve scheduled a number of lightning talks for this year’s OpenWrt Summit. These talks will highlight unique uses of OpenWrt/LEDE and exciting hardware using OpenWrt/LEDE. At only three minutes long, these talks provide you with just a taste of the topic. Fortunately, lightning talks will occur directly before lunch so you’ll be able to follow up immediately with any questions you may have. Currently, our lightning topics and speakers are:

  • “LibreRouter: The Open Hardware router for community by the community” – Gio
  • “An application store for OpenWrt” – Erik Horemans, Inteno
  • “Creator – OpenWRT powered IoT” – Paul Blay, Imagination Technologies
  • “Booting and running OpenWRT from BtrFS” – Martin Strbačka, CZ.nic
  • “OpenWRT vs. official firmware from an absolute beginner’s point of view” – Sebastian Careba
  • “Crowd-funding open-source hardware” – Bedrich Kosata, CZ.nic
  • “LininoOS as an intelligent gateway for routers and MCU/IOT development kit” – Arturo Rinaldi, Arduino Srl
  • “Bluetooth Keyboard Emulation on a Raspberry PI with OpenWrt” – René Dubois


The OpenWrt Summit is October 13 in Berlin, Germany at the Martim Hotel Berlin. Hosted at the same location as the Embedded Linux Conference Europe/OpenIoT and happening on the last day of the program, the OpenWrt Summit is FREE to attend and does NOT require an ELCE/OpenIoT ticket. To make sure you have the energy to learn, prpl Foundation is delighted to provide a light breakfast and afternoon snacks as well as lunch to attendees. Additionally, we will be having an evening social event, with dinner, for the community to get together and continue our discussions.
We do request that attendees pre-register. This allows us to better plan the catering as well as honor any dietary requests you may have. Fortunately pre-registration is simple: If you’re already attending ELCE, you can easily add your registration to OpenWrt Summit as part of the ELCE registration. If you’re not attending ELCE, you can visit to register.

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