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Notes from prplwrt Meeting July 20th

  Attendees: Kathy Giori Shelly Coen Bruce Horowitz Pedro Santos Cesare Garlati Sailesh Suman Hauke Mehrtens Art Swift Emanuele Bovisio Agenda * reminder, Summit CFP is out — day 1: standard talks, day 2: workshops,…

ByShelly Coen

July 26, 2017


by Eric Schultz, Community Manager I was recently asked to speak at LibrePlanet about my experiences working with the FCC on WiFi radio regulations. I was delighted to speak on the topic and prpl Foundation…

ByShelly Coen

April 18, 2017

FCC Software Configurable Radio Whitepaper

By Eric Schultz, Community Manager, prpl Foundation I’m excited to be wrapping up this year’s work in the Software Configurable Radio (SCR) sub-group. After a lot of work, I’m happy to report that on December…

ByShelly Coen

December 16, 2016

OpenWrt Summit 2016 Wrap-up

By Eric Schultz, Community Manager On October 13th the prpl Foundation sponsored the 2nd Annual OpenWrt Summit in Berlin, Germany. As a valued member of the OpenWrt/LEDE community, the prpl Foundation was honored to sponsor…

ByShelly Coen

November 8, 2016

OpenWrt Funding, Round Two

Update September 29: Added additional suggested projects Update November 7: Announced that we are accepting proposals on a rolling basis. Following up on the success of our initial round of funding, prpl Foundation, through the…

ByShelly Coen

September 26, 2016

Wrapping up Round One

On behalf of prpl Foundation and the prplwrt PEG, I’m excited to announce the funding of our four initial OpenWrt projects. It is an honor to work with this talented group, and we’re excited to…

ByShelly Coen

September 26, 2016

OpenWrt Summit Sessions

Remember to register for OpenWrt Summit at As the chair of the OpenWrt Summit Committee, I’m excited to announce the accepted sessions for this year’s OpenWrt Summit. Like last year, we had almost too…

ByShelly Coen

September 13, 2016

Request for Proposals - OpenWrt Summit

prpl Foundation is delighted to once again sponsor OpenWrt Summit. The OpenWrt Summit Planning Committee has announced a request for proposals for summit presentations, which is included below. If you’d like to share what you’re…

ByShelly Coen

July 28, 2016

prpl Foundation Will Again Sponsor BattleMesh Event

Annual Open Source Wireless Networking Competition Challenges Leading Students and Industry Experts  SANTA CLARA, CA, April 21, 2016 –The prpl Foundation, an open-source non-profit foundation focused on enabling next-generation datacenter-to-device portable software and virtualized architectures,…

April 21, 2016

Why doesn't OpenWrt autoupdate?

A recent thread started by Brian Smith on the OpenWrt-Devel mailing list caught my attention. Along with a corresponding wiki entry, it highlighted some important security topics related to OpenWrt. I don’t know if I’ve…

ByShelly Coen

January 6, 2016

OpenWrt Summit Wrap Up

OpenWrt has grown from a hobbyist project with a few dedicated developers into the premier open source router operating system distribution. Even though OpenWrt runs on millions of devices, there’s never been a conference focusing…

ByShelly Coen

October 30, 2015

Comment on ET Docket No. 15-170

Although the signers believe that Commission has the best of intentions, the signers believe that the NPRM harms computing users and substantially interferes with innovation in the wireless space. The signers are concerned about three…

ByShelly Coen

October 28, 2015

OpenWrt Summit Schedule Released

I’m delighted to head up organizing the OpenWrt Summit on October 8 at the CCD in Dublin. While we’ve previously announced the accepted sessions, we haven’t had a chance to announced the schedule for our…

ByShelly Coen

September 23, 2015