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OpenWrt Summit 2016 Wrap-up

By Eric Schultz, Community ManagerLightning Talks at OpenWrt Summit

On October 13th the prpl Foundation sponsored the 2nd Annual OpenWrt Summit in Berlin, Germany. As a valued member of the OpenWrt/LEDE community, the prpl Foundation was honored to sponsor the 2nd annual OpenWrt Summit, continuing their commitment to strengthen the OpenWrt/LEDE communities through industry participation.

The popularity of the summit has soared over the past 12 months, with over 280 people registered- more than double that of the previous year. The event itself was a huge success, with the Summit bringing together developer community and industry, both of which were equally represented and open to the ideas presented on the day.

Many topics were discussed over the course of the day, including “Industry + Community: are we making progress?” which delved into what is currently being done well, and where this collaboration can improve for the future; and “OpenWrt build infrastructures – past, present and future” which discussed the origins as well as the current infrastructure as well as the future of the OpenWrt build servers.

The “OpenWrt Project Funding Support from prpl” session was presented by Art Swift, President of the prpl Foundation and explained the goals of the funding program, the process for selecting proposals and the projects funded to date. Art also discussed the future of the program and described the selected projects of industry interest. The presentation underlined the prpl Foundation’s commitment to OpenWrt and its value as a member of the open source community.

For a full list of sessions, along with corresponding slides and videos of the session, please visit

If you’d like to be involved in organizing future summits, please contact Eric Schultz, chair of the OpenWrt Summit Committee, at [email protected].

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