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Wrapping up Round One

On behalf of prpl Foundation and the prplwrt PEG, I’m excited to announce the funding of our four initial OpenWrt projects. It is an honor to work with this talented group, and we’re excited to see the next phase of proposals. Information on submitting your project for the next round of funding is included at the end of this post!

Projects Funded

The projects that prpl Foundation funded were:

  • Integration of Internet Access Scheduling Control into LuCI, August Germar
    August’s project allows internet access to be scheduled on a per-device basis, bringing OpenWRT CC and DD into feature parity with BB. August has completed this project and it has been submitted for inclusion into the Luci repository.
  • Save Power by Disabling Wireless Networks, Nils Koenig
    Nils’ project allows WiFi access to be available during core business hours, but disabled outside of normal hours if no clients are connected. This feature saves power and reduces RF noise during off hours. Read more about the project here:

TR-069 and Remote Management

Most notably, prpl Foundation collaborated with Carrier Interest Group members SoftAtHome, ADB and Intel along with other industry partners and core OpenWrt and LEDE members to agree on a framework for remote management of OpenWrt/LEDE-based devices. As a result of a two day meeting hosted by SoftAtHome in Paris, all of the participants agreed upon a plan for integrating multiple TR-069 and other CWMP stacks into OpenWrt and LEDE with a common CWMP framework. Based upon that plan, prpl has funded two projects:

  • Implement a Framework Integrating TR-069, CWMP, and Other Remote Management Stacks into OpenWRT and LEDE, Felix Fietkau
    Felix Fietkau, through EmbeDD, will develop a draft API and prototype implementation of the the framework outlined at A LEDE Project Committer, Felix’s project involves developing a draft API which is suitable for accessing access data models of TR-069, NETCONF and other protocols on the backend. This API will also be suitable for merging data from multiple data model providers, providing a long term migration path to a common data model abstraction layer. Felix’s work will be released as an optional package to OpenWrt/LEDE and licensed under the ISC license.
  • Add Support for Unique Heading Titles to UCI and Integrate TR-069 Stack into OpenWrt, Luka Perkov
    Sartura, a consulting firm run by OpenWrt core team member Luka Perkov, will add support for stable identifiers for configuration sections to UCI. Persistent identifiers is a requirement for creating a compliant implementation of TR-069 using UCI. As these modifications are being made to libuci and OpenWrt core scripts, they will be submitted to each project for review and merging and licensed under the appropriate license for each. Additionally, Sartura will package the soon to be open sourced SoftAtHome and ADB TR-069 stacks for use with OpenWrt and adapt the stacks for integration into the framework described in the previous project. These optional packages and adaptations will be released under an open source license compatible with the TR-069 stacks.

All of these projects are intended to be of use to any interested party in the broader OpenWrt/LEDE community and we hope that the community will find value in each of them.

Round Two

With the publication of this post, we’re excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for our next round of funding! Your proposal should include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Summary, or description of the problem to be solved and reason why it should be solved.
  3. Describe your approach to solve the problem.
  4. Timeline for implementation
  5. Fixed-fee budget

Please note there are limited project funds available. Smaller projects are more likely to be accepted than larger projects, so consider this in your proposal. Full submission guidelines, including suggested project areas, are available here.

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