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prpl Device Security Requirements v1.0 white paper cover

Prpl Device Security Requirements

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This document describes requirements to assure security of CPE Devices. The requirements span both hardware and software components, and their suppliers, such as SoC silicon vendors, BSPs, OEM system integrators, middleware providers, router operating systems, and high-level application developers.

Prpl High Level API Principles

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Customer demand for ever more features has led carriers, manufacturers and retail brands to apply more and more software customization to gateways, access points, and routers.

Unfortunately, keeping all this software customization in sync across different devices and models quickly turns into a technical nightmare. The main reason is the large fragmentation of embedded operating systems and middleware stacks across the different manufacturers and suppliers.

To overcome this, the prpl membership, a diverse group of industry players ranging from carriers to middleware vendors, from manufacturers to test laboratories, has come together to address this issue and finally standardize intra-device communication with a common API and data model.

Cover, Smart Home Report 2016

Smart Home Report 2016

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Even just a decade ago, few people could have predicted the impact the Internet of Things (IoT) would have on our lives. Networks of ‘smart’ internet-connected sensors and embedded computers exchanging information with each other may not sound particularly exciting to those outside the technology industry, but the use cases are virtually limitless.

Cover Security Guidance Report

Security Guidance Report

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Security is a core requirement for manufacturers, developers, service providers and other stakeholders who produce and use connected devices.Securing these is a major challenge, and failure to do so can result in significant harm to individuals, businesses and to nations. This guidance focuses on a new hardware-led approach to create stronger security for embedded systems. We propose three general areas of guidance. These are not the only areas that require attention, but they will help to establish a base of action as stakeholders begin addressing security in earnest.

Cover Application Note prpl Security Framework

prplSecurity Framework Application Note, July 2016

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This technical note describes how to build and run a secure application according to the principles set forth by the prpl Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Embedded Computing – see here. It demonstrates a real world implementation of the multi-domain security provided by the prplSecurity™ framework including: the prplHypervisor™, prplSecureInterVM™ communications, and prplPUF™ APIs.