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What prpl Does

What We Do

Prpl has brought together vendors, silicon manufacturers, and the open-source community for the first time to relieve interoperability issues surrounding the industry-wide problem of a complex home gateway development and maintenance ecosystem, which is often comprised of proprietary components which makes interoperability efforts very high, increases development costs and creates a lengthy time to market.


Customer demand for ever more features, has led carriers, manufacturers and retail brands to apply more and more software customization to gateways, access-points and routers. Unfortunately, keeping all this software customization in sync across different devices and models quickly turns into a technical nightmare. The main reason is the large fragmentation of embedded operating systems and middleware stacks across the different manufacturers and suppliers.

To overcome this, the prpl membership, a diverse group of industry players ranging from carriers, to middleware vendors, from manufacturers to test houses, has decided to come together and jointly address this issue. Consequently, the members decided to create the high-level API working group, a group of experts tasked to facilitate the development and standardization of a common intra-device protocol.

Core Strategies


To create ISA agnostic software for rapid deployment across multiple architectures.

Virtualization & Security

To enable multi-tenant, secure, software environments in datacenter, networking & storage, home, mobile and embedded.

Heterogenous Computing

To leverage compute resources enabling next generation big data analytics and mining.

Open APIs and Open-Source Drives Scalability

  • Velocity by de-complexifying the process of integrating a Gateway (GW) stack onto multiple platforms
  • Service-driven innovation by enabling proprietary differentiation from a 3rd-party Services ecosystem
  • Harmonized APIs through collaboration & convergence among member companies and other industry organizations.
    – good layering and separable developments help companies scale-up their businesses
  • Open-Source Community needed to jointly coalesce the largest possible ecosystem
    – Too wasteful having all our companies duplicating development of non-differentiating common infrastructure
    – prpl is cultivating a community of knowledgeable developers to help speed deployments

prpl is the place for Service Providers (SPs) to specify carrier-grade features for open gateways

Our Technologies

prplWrt & Carrier Feed

Enabling carrier-grade features to complement OpenWrt


prplMesh is an open-source, carrier-grade implementation of the WiFi Alliance’s Multi-AP specification.


Providing the guidance, APIs and framework for end-to-end trust.

In addition, prpl strives to:

  • Support, align and complement major community initiatives such as OpenWrt to complement OpenWrt and drive carrier grade features to the next level

  • Enable developers to draw on considerable resources to deliver applications and devices to both B2C and B2B markets that share open source innovations created by some of the best minds from member companies

  • Establish and grow a thriving technical community that contributes to the foundation, and generates added value and differentiation for member companies