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What prpl Does

Who We Are

We are a diverse community of Service Providers, OEMs, Silicon Vendors, ISVs and open-source developers committed to Open-Source and Open-APIs in support of Open Gateway CPE.  We are cultivating a large ecosystem of like-minded companies and individuals working to defragment the plethora of proprietary (or forked) software platforms being developed and deployed today.  We collaborate with industry organizations such as the and in order to help accelerate our goals.

Please join us as a member in the prpl Foundation and help us drive our Mission…

prpl's Mission

Enable high-velocity, service-driven innovation on CPE by harmonizing interfaces in open APIs and delivering open-source reference implementations of common infrastructure.

prpl is all about Open APIs and Open-Source to drive Scalability

  • Velocity by de-complexifying the process of integrating a Gateway (GW) stack onto multiple platforms
  • Service-driven innovation by enabling proprietary differentiation from a 3rd-party Services ecosystem
  • Harmonized APIs through collaboration & convergence among member companies and other industry organizations.
    – good layering and separable developments help companies scale-up their businesses
  • Open-Source Community needed to jointly coalesce the largest possible ecosystem
    – Too wasteful having all our companies duplicating development of non-differentiating common infrastructure
    – prpl is cultivating a community of knowledgeable developers to help speed deployments

prpl is the place for Service Providers (SPs) to specify carrier-grade features for open gateways

How We Work

Working Groups are established and meet to develop projects such as Open APIs or Open-Source stacks.

Governance comes from the Steering Committees and Board of Directors.

There are a variety of ways that member companies and others can contribute to or sponsor the work: See