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Working Groups

Working Groups are established and meet to develop projects such as Open APIs or Open-Source stacks. Governance comes from the Steering Committees and Board of Directors.

There are a variety of ways that member companies and others can contribute to or sponsor the work:

The WGs use collaboration tools to progress their work:
Atlassian Confluence and Jira
Google G-Suite
GitLab, Slack, etc…

We establish technical working groups such as the following…

Security Assurance Working Group

  • Driving best practices for secure coding, and commonized requirements for device security
  • Augmenting prpl APIS to enable innovative 3rd-party Security Services and Apps

Life-Cycle Management Working Group

  • Harmonizing a platform-independent LCM solution that would enable Service Providers to manage SW components dynamically (e.g., Install, Update, Uninstall, Start, Stop)

prplOS and prplMesh produce open-source projects

The API working groups are platform-independent, but we intend to develop reference implementations.

Here’s how the working groups fit into the Open Gateway ecosystem…

Open Gateway ecosystem diagram

For example, the prplMesh stack is an open-source compliant portable superset of the Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh standard for self-organizing Wi-Fi mesh networks:

Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh standard diagram

Overview of prplMesh Stack

Compliant portable superset of WFA EasyMesh standard.